Clix Marketing’s Favorite PPC Blogs

Here’s our list of favorite blogs centered (almost) exclusively on PPC topics. We track these regularly for their wealth of advice and breaking news. If you know of others, please add them as replies to this post.

abadmarketing (PPC info in Spanish)

Andrew Goodman’s Blog

Beyond the Paid


Brad Geddes’ Blog

Exact PPC

Gordon Choi

Official Google AdWords Blog

Official Microsoft adCenter Blog

Official Yahoo! Search Marketing Blog

Pay Per Click Podcast

PPC Advice

PPC Blog

PPC Discussions

PPC Hero


PPC Super Affiliate

RedFly Marketing

SEM Geek

The AdWords Addict

The PPC Book

The Rimm-Kaufman Group Blog


The ShellDog

Unofficial AdCenter Blog

Intelligent PPC

PPC Without Pity


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  1. Thank you so much for the mention David. Very much appreciated. You feed is also in the “PPC” folder in my reader 🙂

    Flattery will always get you sphunn ;P

  2. Just a quick note to say thanks and note that two links need updating:

    * Apollo SEO is redirecting to a new site;
    * PPC think seems to have expired.

  3. Thanks, Sean. Apollo SEM changed their name to semvironment, and PPC Think does indeed seem to have disappeared. The list above and the Clix Blogroll have been updated.

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