Download the World’s Largest Negative Keyword List

Our friends at Engine Ready released two phenomenal goodies today: this list of negative keywords that you can (and should!) use in your PPC campaigns right now, and AdFlint, a cool tool for brainstorming variations in PPC Ad copy.

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13 Responses to “Download the World’s Largest Negative Keyword List”

  1. Hi,

    Wow, great, what a time saver! Many thanks for this!!

    Chameleon Net

  2. Blindly adding negative keywords to a ppc campaign is horrible advice. I can’t believe anyone would even consider doing this.

    Each campaign is different and you just might be throwing away some highly profitable keywords.

    Again, this is really, really bad advice.

  3. I think this “really, really bad advice” maybe goes a bit far. What definitely does need to be CLARIFIED, however, is that this is a great list to get IDEAS and POSSIBLE negative keywords to use. There is no single list on the planet big or small that can be applied to every single campaign with good results.

    Negative keywords come down to this: your ideal visitor is in a particular mindset. What words would indicate someone is in a mindset that you would NOT want them to visit your site?

  4. @Steve – completely agreed.

  5. @Steve – agreed!

  6. Another @Steve – agree as well. Thanks for sharing this list, should help some people get a start on generating their lists. It would be much easier to skim this and pull out what doesn’t apply than think of all this within 2 minutes.

    A little late to the party here but thanks for the post.

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  8. AffiliateAholic did not even look at the list…it’s broken down pretty well and advises to consider using some of them based on which niche you’re in. Not sure where he got “blindly” from…

  9. I think Keyword Lists like these save a lot of time and appreciate you posting them. Any marketer worth his salt would take this as a starting point and refine as necessary for their client. Great breakdowns and there weren’t any terms I saw that raised any red flags.

  10. Wow I think this list has just made my day. This will help me so much with my laptop and computer repair business.

  11. I run a small computer repair firm and have been struggling with adwords and stray click for awhile. I think has just saved me a lot of money. I will have to edit this list a little for terms like laptop, desktop etc but on the whole its great. Thank you.

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  13. […] Download the World’s Largest Negative Keyword List […]

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