Where Do You Get Your PPC Content? The BIG List of PPC Blogs

A little while ago, I began writing the weekly #PPC News and Views roundups here on the Clix blog. I took to Google to find a list of strong ppc blogs I should check regularly for new content, and to my surprise, there hadn’t been a new “Top PPC Blogs” list created since early 2012. (At least not that I could find very quickly.)

So guess what? I’m going to do it myself!

Below is a list of blogs I’ve come to know and love during my time in the ppc industry. My two pieces of criteria are as follows: has to have at least some advanced topics being posted (we can’t read about starting your first campaign every week) and it has to be updated often. Personally, I consider “often” to be an average of two posts every month.

For each blog, I’ve given four bullet points of information. First, I’ll write a short “About” section usually saying who is in charge of the blog and who contributes. Then, I’ll give an average frequency of posts, as well as a few topics from recent articles. (These topics are by no means the only topics covered on these blogs, but it does give you an idea of what to expect.) The final bullet point will be the link to the homepage for the blog.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Shut up already and give me the list!”

Well, fine! Sheesh! With out further ado, here are my favorite ppc blogs from around the web in alphabetical order:


  • About: The Acquisio blog is written by both employees of the Canada-based performance marketing platform as well as a list of marketing professionals from around the industry.
  • Frequency: 3-5 articles per month
  • Recent Topics: AdWords Conversion Optimizer, Enhanced Campaigns, Facebook Ad Fatigue
  • Visit the Acquisio Blog


  • About: aimClear is a predominantly social media blog with content being created by the employees of the Minnesota company.
  • Frequency: 1-3 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Zenith Social Media Conference coverage, Facebook Partner Categories guide
  • Visit the AimClear Blog

Beyond the Paid

  • About: PPC veteran Melissa Mackey is the Search Supervisor at gyro and is responsible for all the great content you’ll find here.
  • Frequency: Every Friday
  • Recent Topics: International ppc, ppc management tools, landing page optimization
  • Visit Beyond the Paid

Bing Ads Blog

  • About: The Bing Ads Blog is the place to get information about the Bing Ads platform including updates, new releases, and tips on how to use their tools.
  • Frequency: 1-2 posts each week day
  • Recent Topics: Upcoming bid adjustment changes, sitelink updates and optimizations, “Back to Basics” series
  • Visit the Bing Ads Blog

Certified Knowledge

  • About: The Certified Knowledge blog is written mostly by Brad Geddes, with the occasional guest post here and there.
  • Frequency: 1-3 posts per month
  • Recent Topics: Bing Ads resources, PLA campaign structure, nuances to ad copy testing in Enhanced Campaigns
  • Visit the Certified Knowledge Blog

Clix Marketing

  • About: Well, duh! I write here! But in all honesty, we’re a small ppc specific company and have a great crew of writers including Clix marketing experts as well as guest bloggers on occasion.
  • Frequency: 1-3 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Facebook advertising, long term ppc keyword expansion, search query report mining
  • Visit the Clix Marketing Blog

Epiphany Search

  • About: The Epiphany Search blog is written by employees of the England based company.
  • Frequency: 1-3 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: The 5 basics of adwords, Google shopping feeds, offer extensions
  • Visit the Epiphany Search Blog


  • About: Powered by PPC Associates, FBPPC is a blog dedicated entirely to Facebook and written by industry professionals from many different companies around the world.
  • Frequency: Every weekday
  • Recent Topics: Facebook video ads, competition in advertising, mobile Facebook ads
  • Visit the FBPPC Blog

Get Found First

  • About: The GFF blog, like their company, specializes in ppc and is written by the marketing experts at the Idaho company.
  • Frequency: 1-3 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Reasons to join PPC Chat, mobile apps and the GDN, display ad design
  • Visit the Get Found First Blog

Google Mobile Ads

  • About: The Google Mobile Ads blog is a blog run by Google and dedicated entirely to news, information, and tips around advertising on mobile devices.
  • Frequency: 1-3 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Mobile bid adjustments, upcoming webinars, improvements on AdMob
  • Visit the Google Mobile Ads Blog

Google Analytics

  • About: The Google Analytics blog is where you’ll find information about Google Analytics and how it can help your paid search efforts.
  • Frequency: 1-3 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Measuring analytics in marketing campaigns, improved dashboard sharing, multi-device reporting webinar
  • Visit the Google Analytics Blog

Inside AdWords

  • About: The Inside AdWords is a blog dedicated to and run by, you guessed it, Google AdWords and is their channel to announce new updates and releases, information about the ad platform, and tips to improve your performance.
  • Frequency: 3-5 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Tips for bidding practices, upcoming Google webinars, image extensions
  • Visit the Inside AdWords Blog

Learn with Google

  • About: The Learn with Google blog is a blog run by Google and houses a large number of recorded and upcoming webinars designed to help advertisers improve their understanding and performance in Google ad platforms.
  • Frequency: 3 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Google shopping, YouTube video ads, measuring multiple-devices
  • Visit Learn with Google

Luna Metrics

  • About: The Luna Metrics blog is not ppc specific, but has regular posts around ppc with an emphasis on supporting analytics written by the Pittsburgh company’s employees.
  • Frequency: 1-3 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: video tracking in Google Analytics, social media tracking metrics, prepping to be done before starting an ad campaign
  • Visit the Luna Metrics Blog

Portent Interactive

  • About: The Portent Interactive blog is written by the experts at the Washington based marketing company and although it doesn’t specialize only in ppc, they regularly have great, new content.
  • Frequency: 1-2 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: PLAs dashboard in Analytics, low budget ppc accounts, leadership development
  • Visit the Portent Interactive Blog

PPC Associates

  • About: The PPC Associates blog is written by the marketing experts at the company as well as the occasional guest post.
  • Frequency: Every week day
  • Recent Topics: Keyword expansion, bidding strategies, branding & online video ads
  • Visit the PPC Associates Blog

PPC Chat

  • About: The PPC Chat blog contains the streamcaps (transcripts) of every PPC Chat that’s ever taken place. Seriously! #PPCChat is a weekly chat on twitter hosted by Matt Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) where marketing professionals answer questions on topics of Matt’s choosing.
  • Frequency: Every Tuesday
  • Recent Topics: International ppc, ppc competition strategies, lead generation ppc
  • Visit the PPC Chat Blog

PPC Hero

  • About: PPC Hero is run by Hanapin Marketing, the company responsible for the PPC Hero Conferences, and their content being generated by the experienced staff of Hanapin Marketing as well as a network of guest posts from their allies.
  • Frequency: Every week day
  • Recent Topics: Image ad extensions, mobile ppc, enhanced campaigns
  • Visit the PPC Hero Blog

Rimm-Kaufman Group

  • About: The RKGBlog is a continuing discussion of online marketing written by the employees at RKG. (Truth: I took that from their site. It sounded good, so I went with it.)
  • Frequency: 1-2 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Google shopping feeds, AdWords shifting brand ads to bottom of the page, enhanced campaigns
  • Visit the RKGBLog

Search Engine Journal

  • About: Search Engine Journal is marketing blog covering many aspects of online marketing including SEO, social media, and PPC. Their content is generated from marketing professionals at various firms from around the world.
  • Frequency: 1-2 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: AdWords competition, international ppc, ppc tracking and goals
  • Visit Search Engine Journal

Search Engine Land

  • About: Search Engine Land is a blog operated by Third Door Media and their content comes from marketing experts from different firms around the world. They also cover many online marketing topics in addition to ppc, social media, and analytics.
  • Frequency: Every week day
  • Recent Topics: PLA campaigns, time saving tips, ad copy tests in Enhanced Campaigns
  • Visit Search Engine Land

Search Engine People

  • About: Search Engine People is a Canadian inbound marketing firm and their blog content is generated by industry professionals from around the world.
  • Frequency: Every week day
  • Recent Topics: Copywriting for ppc ads, tracking social interactions, mobile marketing analytics
  • Visit Search Engine People

Search Engine Watch

  • About: Search Engine Watch is a non-ppc specific blog with great content generated by a strong list of contributors from around the ppc industry. There is a ppc specific section on the site, but useful advertising info can also be found in the analytics, social, local, mobile, and video sections as well.
  • Frequency: Every week day
  • Recent Topics: Image extensions, retargeting, retail paid search competition
  • Visit Search Engine Watch

SEER Interactive

  • About: The SEER Interactive blog is written by the marketing professionals at the Philadelphia based company.
  • Frequency: 2-5 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Google keyword planner, ppc & crm integration, budgeting basics
  • Visit the SEER Interactive Blog

Social Media Examiner

  • About: Social Media Examiner is dedicated entirely to social media and is written by a team of near 90 writers from around the world.
  • Frequency: Every week day
  • Recent Topics: Increasing Twitter traffic, Facebook competitions, LinkedIn contacts feature
  • Visit Social Media Examiner

The Search Agents

  • About: The Search Agents blog is the official blog of The Search Agency and their content is generated by the marketing experts at the firm.
  • Frequency: 3-5 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Enhanced campaigns, Google AdWords video, updates in Google Analytics
  • Visit the Search Agents Blog


  • About: The Wordstream blog touches on many different topics within the online marketing industry and is written by both employees of the Boston company as well as guest bloggers from around the industry.
  • Frequency: 3-5 posts per week
  • Recent Topics: Ad extensions, PLAs, match type usage in Google AdWords
  • Visit the Wordstream Blog

This is by no means all of the wonderful and insightful ppc blogs from around the web. If you know of a great blog not included on this list, share it with us in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for this Michelle, very useful blog! We like to keep up-to-date with all the latest PPC news and there are a few here I’ve never heard of before. I’ll be sure to check this out and see what kind of info and tips they have to offer.

  2. Very informative list. Recently, we have come up with an updated list of top 10 ppc blogs to follow, which obviously included CLIX marketing. check it out here: reportgarden.com/2015/06/16/top-ppc-blogs-ad-agencies/

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