Getting Twitter Ads Access As An Agency

Account access is one of the first steps in most agency/client relationships. I was recently doing this with a client and realized that it can be confusing to someone who hasn’t done it 20 times already. So here is a screen-by-screen tutorial for granting Twitter Ads access:

Granting Twitter Ads Access

For starters you need to log into your normal Twitter account where you see the main feed. It will look like this:
Main Twitter Page
Next you’ll click on your profile pic in the upper right corner as highlighted above. Select “Twitter Ads” and it will open the Twitter Ads interface in a new tab/window. It should look pretty similar to this:
Twitter Ads Homepage
Again, look to the upper right and this time click you name to see the drop-down as highlighted above. From the options listed you want to click “Edit access to account”.

This will take you to a page where all the users will be listed. Now follow these steps:

  • Click on “Add more users…”
  • Type the Twitter handle for the person you’re giving access to
  • Click the profile when it appears below the input box

Twitter Ads 3
The next screen will give you the access levels. For most agencies, the Ad Manager access level will be sufficient. But pay attention to the small checkbox below the access levels:
Twitter Access Roles
You should probably allow your agency to create new Promoted-only Tweets. These are the most effective and are often called “Dark Posts” because while they’re tweets, they don’t show up in your feed or go out to your followers. They’re basically just ads by another name.

Click “Save” and you’re done. You’ve given your agency access to start working for you!

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  1. When this account-sharing is accomplished, how do you make sure that the ads created are being billed to the agency and not the client?

  2. My understanding is that they’ll have to add your agency as an Account Administrator and you’ll have to enter your agency payment method to get billed as the agency.

  3. True but, imagine the client is running ads with another agency and the agency has its own payment method, and i need to add my own payment method if i Add another one as the default payment method, all campaigns will be charged on the same payment method as well. As Alex is saying, is there any kind of alternative or solution to this?

  4. This flow assumes that the client ad account has the payment info and they are giving an agency access to manage the campaigns. To “hide” the billing info you would have to do it in reverse, meaning that you (the agency) would create the ads account and add billing info. Then you would grant them a lower access level to see what you’re up to (but not billing).

    I prefer to have the client in control of the ad account, but this would allow you to accomplish what you’re asking.

  5. Just so I understand – if I give my client access to my agency’s ad account so billing goes through our agency, this will allow us to create ads under their Twitter handle?

  6. Once access has been given via handle, is the analyst emailed by Twitter to notify them?

    Trying to login to a client’s ad manager but I keep running into issues.

  7. Can you expound upon how to do this in reverse? If we do not want the client to see the ad account or billing, how do we gain access to their twitter account to manage ads on their behalf?

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