How to Boost Instagram Posts In the App As an Agency

While Facebook marketing is all the rage, a couple of my clients are shifting their focus more to Instagram.  The younger audiences in this channel are a better fit for their products and services. You can create ads for Instagram via Facebook Ads Manager the same way you would for ads on Facebook as long as the Instagram account is already assigned in Business Manager.

One of my clients had been boosting their own Instagram posts. When looking at the promotions in Business Manager, I noticed some inconsistencies in their audiences. When I mentioned it to them, they asked if I could start boosting them instead to ensure best practices were followed. I didn’t think it would be a big deal since I’ve boosted more than my share of Facebook posts via Ads Manager before. Their Instagram account was already associated with their Facebook account.

For the first one, I routinely started a new campaign for Post Engagement like I had numerous times before, only to slam to a complete halt once I realized that there wasn’t a way to select Instagram posts instead of Facebook posts. This made sense to me once I got there as it dawned on me that I had never selected Facebook posts in the past, but they were the only option. So, the investigation began.

Please note that this client’s Instagram account was already set-up as a business account. If your client needs help with that, they can find all of the instructions here.

Step 1. Gain Access to the Client’s Instagram Account

The client has to grant you access to their Instagram Account in order to proceed. Here are the instructions the client would need to follow. Facebook has a strict no password sharing policy, so this is necessary for the client to do on their own. Make sure you provide your client with your Business ID.

  1. In Facebook Business Manager, select Business Setting from the   dropdown.
  2. Under Accounts, go down to Instagram Accounts.
  3. Select the account you want to grant access to.
  4. Select the Partners tab.
  5. Assign Partner and enter the Business ID provided

Step 2. Assign Ad Account

You should see your client’s Instagram Account appear in the Instagram section of your own Business Settings now. When you see that it’s there, make sure it is assigned to an Ad Account. To do this:

  1. Select the Instagram Account
  2. Click on the Ad Account tab.
  3. Click on Assign Ad Accounts.
  4. A drop-down will appear with all of the ad accounts already in your Ad Accounts. Choose the right one and save.

You can see these options from the same screenshot above.

Step 3. Facebook Pages

If you already have access to the page associated with the Instagram account, you can skip to the next step.

For this particular client, they have more than one Facebook page and we only had access to their primary page. We had not yet been given access to the page associated with this Instagram account. If you also need to request page access, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Pages section.
  2. Click the + Add icon.
  3. Click on Request Access to a page.
  4. Enter in the URL of the Facebook page you are requesting access to.
  5. Select Request Access.
    6. Your client will need to accept the request and then the page will appear here. Don’t forget to go in and assign the Page to yourself under the People section under Users.

Step 4. Logging into Instagram

It’s important to not that you can only boost Instagram posts from the app.

If you don’t already have an Instagram Account

  1. Go to your App Store and download it.
  2. Use your Facebook account to gain access.
  3. Login with the username and password of the account you’d like to add.

If you already have your own Instagram Account

  1. From your profile, click on the sun-like icon to go to your settings.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Add Account.
  3. Enter the username and password of the account you’d like to add.

Toggling Between Instagram Accounts

Whether you have your own account and a client’s account or you have multiple client accounts, you need to know how to switch between them.

In the app, touch the arrow to the right of your username at the top, you’ll see a drop-down now of multiple accounts. Just select the account you want. Once you have more than one account added by the above instructions, you’ll be able to add another account from this location as well.

Step 5. Boosting a Post

Once you’ve navigated to the current account in the app, go to the Account Profile by selecting on your image in the lower right.

  1. Tap the Promote box.
  2. Scroll through your posts at the top to choose which one you’d like to promote and tap Next in the top right.
  3. Select from one of the following.
    1. More Profile Visits
    2. More Website Traffic
    3. More Promotion Views
    4. Choose the targeting outcome and click Next in the top right.
  4. Determine your audience. This has a feel very similar to Facebook. You can either choose
    1. Automatic, which is basically lookalikes
    2. Local, a specific location
    3. Manual, you create an audience based on interests, locations, age and gender.
    4. Your Audiences (previously saved from step 3)
    5. Click Next in the top right.
  5. Budget and Duration
    1. Budget: Enter how much you’d like to spend each day.
    2. Duration: Select how long you’d like the post to be boosted.
    3. Click Next in the top right
  6. Review
    1. Make sure everything looks correct.
    2. Select Create Promotion

A Few Things to Note

You can always go back to a previous screen by clicking on the left arrow in the top left.

If you’re not sure targeting option to select, Instagram gives you some guidelines along the bottom of each screen next to the magenta circle with “Learn more” or “Get help” options. I included them in the screenshots above.

Once you have set up the post, you can view the promotion in your Facebook Ads Manager moving forward. You can also view results directly in the Instagram app by navigating to the post, then tapping on View Insights.


Unlike Facebook in which you can only boost a post once, you can boost an Instagram post more than once.

If you need to edit your promotion, since it was created in the Instagram app, it can only be edited in the app.

Keep experimenting and testing with your boosted posts and your Instagram Ads to know which works the best to meet your clients’ needs and objectives.

If this was helpful to you, you also might appreciate our post on Getting Twitter Access as an Agency.

What has been your experience in boosting Instagram posts?  Comment below to share!

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  1. I have a question please. I haven’t noticed anywhere if there’s an option to boost existing post and gain likes and comments on the post.

    Because every time I boost a post on Instagram (on the mobile app or through the facebook ad manager) the post get duplicated and the engagement isn’t applied on the existing post but on the ad itself.

    Is there a way to boost the post and keep the engagement from promotion like it’s on facebook?

    I hope you understand what I’m asking.. Thank you, looking forward to your answer.

  2. Hi! I think I’m following your question. If you are seeking to promote an Instagram post via the app, then you only have one of three options for targeting:
    1. More Profile Visits
    2. More Website Traffic
    3. More Promotion Views

    So, no, you can’t select an option in the app to serve the boosted Instagram post to get more likes and comments.

    If you are boosting a Facebook post on Instagram, any engagement with the boosted post will be shown on Instagram only. You can pick post engagement or page likes in Ads Manager as the Engagement Objective. You can see the results for this in Ads Manager by selecting the engagement setting from the drop down.

    I hope that helps!

  3. Hi there!

    A few questions…

    In terms of creating account – If my Facebook Business Manager account is already linked to my client’s Instagram page am I just creating an Instagram account using my Facebook Business email and it will automatically be linked? Or do I need to create an Instagram account from scratch and reach out to the client to link their Instagram page to my account?

    Reporting/Tracking – I’m assuming you can only pull engagement results and no conversions that we have associated with our Facebook pixel? Can you pull reports via ad manager or only engagement through the Instagram app?

    Hope I phrased these questions clearly…Facebook support is no help 🙁

  4. Hi Hayley – sorry for the delay in my response. No need to create a new Instagram account. Even though the Instagram page is linked to the Facebook account, you still have to gain direct access to Instagram to boost Instagram posts. Having the Instagram page linked to Facebook just allows you to do advertising on Instagram via Ads Managers. Linking via Steps 1 & 2 in this article allow you access to the Instagram account directly to boost Instagram posts, which is now available to do in Ads Manager and not just in the Instagram App.

    You can pull engagement results in Ads Manager or the Reporting section. I personally don’t track conversions via Instagram for my clients since they are only interested in Engagement. However, I believe you could see your conversion data from Google Analytics with Instagram as the source. If Analytics doesn’t differentiate the source as organic vs paid and it’s, then add URL parameters in your ads if you set them up in Ads Manager.

    Please reply if I can help you further!

  5. Hi there! Hope I’m not understanding it wrongly from the comment above that we are now able to boost Instagram posts on Ads Manager. How do I do that as an advertiser (and not an agency)?

    I assume I should be going to Business Setting but I’m actually not seeing Instagram Accounts under Accounts.

    Hope to get some clarification, thanks!

  6. Hi! Yes, you can now boost Instagram posts via Ads Manager. The targeting options aren’t the same as what is available in the app, so you may find it better to use the app based on your needs. To boost Instagram posts, you need to have your Instagram page connected to your Facebook page AND have your Instagram account associated in Business Settings. Yes, you should see Instagram Accounts under Accounts in Business Settings. Have you already linked your Instagram page to your Facebook page?

  7. Hi there, i was trying to boost an Instagram post via ads manager, but i keep on receiving an error message and couldn’t publish the ads. May I know what should i fix as i can’t see the exact issue from the error message.

    We’re having trouble loading the data you requested. Please try again. (#1487470)


  8. Hi Chris. I haven’t personally experienced that error before, but found this answer online: Looks like you might need to report the problem to the Facebook technical team. If you need to boost the post quicker than it can be resolved that way, you can always boost it directly from the Instagram app. As annoying as it is to peck at my campaign build there, I still use it frequently because of the different targeting methods available vs Ads Manager.

  9. Hi there…. I’m having one big problem…Cn u plz help me..It’s been 10 days I’m nt able to promote my insta post…. Promotion tab just not working….. for eg – when I tab promotion button n fill in my target , interest n all stuff at d end where it says add money to fill in my credit or debit card details it always gives me error stating – UNEXPCTED ERROR OCCURED …..My insta id is linked wid my fb ac n fb page also….Plzz plzz solve my issue…wud be really thnkful for ur help ….Or tell me how to contact insta helpline care to get them notice of dis error…Plz help me..I’m very much disheartened….

  10. Helpful! But every time I promote a client’s post the data ends up in my personal account in Ads Manager, not in the connected client’s brand account. I’m an admin and have all rights. I can’t figure this one out.

  11. Hi Bart. I think you might need to change one setting. In the app, under Account, at the very bottom you can see an option to Switch to Professional account. Try switching there before you boost a post next time and that should do the trick.

  12. Hi! I can’t see the actual result of my IG ad on the post itself. The results from the ad manager doesn’t reflect on the post. Pls help. Thanks.

  13. Hi there! Without seeing what you’re seeing, here are a few thoughts. Check your time frames in Ad Manager to make sure it matches when you started to promote the post. When in doubt, Ads Manager is the most accurate to see the impact of boosting the post and the results from just the paid boost (since it doesn’t include organic results). I hope that helps a little!

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