1,400+ Kids YouTube Channels to Exclude From Your Video Campaigns

I’m going to go over a scenario I run into often. I wish I could see your face when reading this to know we’re in agreement.

When I launch new video campaigns or ad groups in Google Ads, I like to check the placements every day for at least a week to see where my ads are initially shown. So many times, these are the placement results I see…

junk youtube placements

When actually reviewing the top-spending placements, I often see right off the bat they’re all kids channels. Yeah, this isn’t what we want to show our clients or bosses, and most likely the marketer isn’t doing anything wrong. I’m not here to parent shame anyone, but it’s incredibly common for parents to give their kids their phone or tablet to distract them so they can finally get some work done around the house. (Look, I’ve done it so I’m not scolding anyone). So the smart PPC marketer could technically be going after the right user, but that user has given their device to someone else.

I’m sick of this happening. So in order to try (really need to stress the word try here) to limit our ads showing up on these channels, I started creating a list of channel placements that I saw consistently in our client’s placement reports. I also took a proactive approach and searched on YouTube myself. I looked up terms like “kids, childrens, toys, unboxing, kids games, etc.” I then filtered by just channels and then sorted the channels with the most video views. I now have a list of more than 1,400 channels we can add as exclusions proactively.

Just Give Us the List Already!

Okay, here it is. I’d love this list to be available to anyone in the PPC community. If you have other channels that are wasting a lot of spend that I don’t have on this list, please let us know in the comments below so we can add them to the mix.


kids youtube channel list cta


How to Add YouTube Channels as Placement Exclusions

First, select the campaign or ad group you’d like to apply the exclusions. Then click on the Placements report. When you are in the Placements report in Google Ads, click on the Exclusions tab at the top of the page. Then click on the blue pencil icon to edit your exclusions.


exclude placements google ads


Double check to make sure you have the correct Account, Campaign, or Ad group exclusion option selected. Then click on “Enter multiple campaigns.”enter multiple placements


Now you can copy and paste the list we just shared on Google Drive into Google Ads. Then remember to add the placements and also save the exclusion list.

add youtube placement exclusions


I’ll be the first to admit this list is small compared to all of the kids channels that are out there, but many of these channels have millions of views and even millions of subscribers. (Yes, the Baby Shark channel is on this list). Keep sending your suggestions and let’s help our fellow PPC colleagues save their clients money! We can call this our holiday gift to our readers! And for a visual run through of the set up, check out the video below.


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  1. Joe, this list is fantastic. I’d also recommend people who use this list to consider excluding the content label “Content suitable to families” under settings, and a few topics for anyone trying to mitigate these types of placements.

    Topics for exclusion:

    Baby Care & Hygiene
    Children’s Literature
    Family-Oriented Games & Activities
    Nursery & Playroom
    Babies & Toddlers
    Baby Feeding
    Baby & Toddler Toys
    Baby Strollers & Transport

  2. Oh man. I could try but probably won’t be any time soon. I’m still adding channels to this list.

  3. This was super helpful. Thank you for putting this together. There has got to be a better way to run placement campaigns on select channels only.

  4. Thanks for reading! You can still select specific placements to target. But with Display Planner gone, we don’t get video ad placement information as easily as we used to. Look at where your video ads are currently running in the placement report. If you see placements that are working well or fit your target audience, create a manual placement campaign (or ad group) and target those separately.

  5. Thank you. I appreciate it. It’s too bad Google wouldn’t just let you exclude by category. The amount of steps required to exclude these channels as well as Mobile Apps in these categories is not super effective or efficient.

  6. Don’t forget only in your strategies that underage children are usually parents in the 25-35 age group. Parents who, despite leaving cell phones in the hands of these children, also have the culture of fulfilling their desire to buy these children, more than their teenage children, moreover. So depending on what your campaign is about, consider it. These little ones today when they see a well done advertisement that arouse their desire they influence this country in this age group that has a great purchasing power, more than teenagers who still depend on their parents but usually have parents in the 35 to 45 years old who do not have this same buying arrangement for their children as younger parents. A small child when it wants something causes younger parents almost an obligation of parents to fulfill their wishes. So before directing your campaigns think about this argument and then develop your strategies.
    When I had my little children I was often influenced by them to buy this or that brand of shampoo. Or chocolate or clothing because they saw the brand and wanted to specify it. Just to ponder.

  7. There are a few people who have said they use this exclusion list as a targeting list instead because they do work on accounts that sell kids products. Yes you always have to know your audience and who you’re trying to sell to. Personally, I don’t have any accounts where children would be helpful at all and all kids channels (including gaming channels) are pure garbage when looking at my clients goals. This list will not be for everybody, but it will help a lot of accounts out there until Google adds a category exclusion for children’s channels…if that ever happens at all. Thanks for reading!

  8. Hey Peter. I just uploaded this list as exclusions in another account yesterday. I had no issues on my end. Are you trying to add them via an exclusion list or manually with a campaign or account level?

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