New Google Ads Retail Category Reporting

If you’re a retailer running ads on Google, it’s likely you are running both Search and Shopping campaigns types. However, it can be difficult to analyze product performance across different campaign types. With Google’s new beta retail category reporting, you can see your performance for pre-defined product categories across your Search and Shopping campaigns in

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Clix Marketing Blog’s #PPC News & Views: Friday, June 5, 2020

PPC News

From the Experts Marketing Land Your customers aren’t interested in your COVID messaging anymore, what now?: How should you approach the complex landscape of an on-going pandemic? Hear from 3 marketing experts, including our own Michelle Morgan. Search Engine Journal Diagnose Google Ads’ Performance Changes Faster With Explanations: This new beta will allow advertisers to

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5 Common Google Analytics Misconceptions

Every digital marketer should prioritize learning Google Analytics. The amount of free data you can gather about user activity on your site provides incredible value. Yet, misunderstandings of how metrics are actually calculated can quickly lead to faulty decisions. Unfortunately, many marketers go into Google Analytics not fully cognizant of the platform’s nuances. In this

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