We Have Talent 

The Clix team members are known as industry leaders. We regularly speak at major conferences like SMX, HeroConf, and Pubcon as well as regional favorites like SEMpdx Engage, UtahDMC, and MnSearch Summit. We frequently write for top industry blogs and present as thought leaders in webinars. Our crew are also featured as experts in major publications.  

We only invite the top industry talent to join our team. This means that everyone who touches your account is a digital advertising expert.



  • "Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with many online marketing agencies, all promising better, faster, results. After reviewing many without successful results, I found that Clix Marketing was the best match for the Saint Jude Retreats. Why are they the best match? Not only have they provided us with successful results, they have worked diligently to collaborate, take ownership, and help us achieve our marketing goals. That in my opinion, is what makes Clix Marketing unique, in addition to the precision and availability from all members of the team, which is something you typically do not find in big agencies. I am extremely happy with the working relationship that our organization has developed with Clix Marketing, making them one step above their competitors."

    Daniel Hidalgo

    Senior Marketing Director
    The Saint Jude Retreats
  • “Working with Clix has been a fantastic experience. I could give you dozens of stats, like that they reduced our cost per acquisition by 70% and on and on. But the best part of working with Clix is that they are committed to helping us accomplish our goals.”

    Preston Smith