PPC Services for Agencies 

PPC Services for agencies Clix campaign management is available as a white label service. Agencies count on Clix to produce exceptional results for clients. Agencies shine because they can provide one stop shopping.

Clix Marketing Agency Relationships

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising provides significant challenge to many marketing/advertising firms struggling to meet the varied demands of their clients. Dedicated resources and constant research are required to keep up with the changes in strategies and tactics necessary to provide top service. A partnership with Clix marketing can provide you with access to instant, expert, dependable resources to meet these challenges.

Clix focuses only on PPC advertising.

Our focus allows us to bring our expertise to provide unequaled service to your clients. Our industry knowledge and expertise translates into successful campaigns and ultimately, happy clients.

Partnering with Clix allows you to focus.

Your clients rely on you for overall marketing needs. Provide that guidance without the distraction of staying on top of a rapidly-changing niche. You're able to serve as a one-stop-shop for your clients, without the steep learning curve.

Clix improves results.

Many advertisers create incomplete or inefficient campaigns that succeed - but barely. Clix takes those underachievers and manages them to achieve excellence.

Clix helps you get recurring billings.

Since our methods produce continuous improvements, your clients are happy to pay your monthly fees.

Clix provides the services - your provide the name.

We provide services under your name, if desired, and will never interfere with the trusted relationship you've built with your clients. Excellence.

Clix works with flexible compensation structures.

We work with you and your clients to create a compensation model that meets the needs of everyone involved - flat fee, performance-based, etc.

Clix requires (almost) no supervision.

We provide all of the necessary ingredients for a successful campaign; overall ppc strategy, keyword research, campaign management, bidding and creative optimization, reporting & analysis, multivariate testing, etc. You can stay as involved as you want - or put us on cruise control.

Let's discuss how a partnership with Clix can help your agency cement a reputation as a modern one-stop-shop.