Don’t Be a Marketing Loser – Read This Book

Hey, all you young online marketing turks and turkettes: think you know it all? Think PPC/SEO/SEM stuff is so brand new that you have nothing to learn from the past?

Well, the truth is that online marketing/advertising is mainly just plain ol’ direct response advertising – the art and science of using words to persuade a “reader” to take an action. Direct response advertising was invented over a century ago. Even modern-seeming concepts like testing creative, measuring response and refining ad copy are documented in hoary old nuggets like one of the direct marketing bibles, Claude Hopkins’ Scientific Advertising.

But I like you. You’ve got gumption and spunk. So I’ve got a gift for you – a PDF file with the full text of Hopkins’ book, now in the public domain, downloadable here.

Read it. Fill in those gaps. Don’t be a loser.

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  1. David,

    This is a great idea. I intend to read and reread it 7 times as David Olgivy recommends.

    Thank you very much for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Your leadership in this community of paid search marketing professionals is truly inspiring.

    Matt Van Wagner

  2. This is great, and I couldn’t agree. All the SEO/PPC/SEM will only get your page ranking high. But how do you actually get people to “click through” and buy your stuff? I’m excited to set aside some time this weekend and begin rewriting all my copy for action.

  3. I just jumped straight to chapter 3 and re-read the first few paragraphs to remind me how genius this really is. Thanks David and everyone make sure you Sphinn this!

    Matt nice to see you around…

  4. This is very cool and very kind of you. Thanks for the effort and the reminder. I read this book years ago in college and plan to do so again thanks to you.

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