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  1. Yes! I monitor several accounts for nonprofits and seem to experience what I feel are random issues every so often. Recently, I had to help the client’s web team change the way the cookie notification appeared when a new user visited the site, because it overlapped their 501(c)(3) information in the footer… but only on mobile. It took several phone calls with a Google Ad rep before they were OK with the improvement.

  2. Wow! That certainly qualifies as a random quirk that clearly is not outlined in the compliance guidelines. However, if clearly outlining 501(c)(3) info on the site is required, that should be added. No one could’ve figured out one out on their own. Thanks so much for sharing so I can add that to my Grants review checklist! Please come back and let me know other helpful items to look for that I never would’ve thought of like that!

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