Clix Marketing Case Study – Client B 

Strategy Summary

In June, 2011 a client within the PDF creation/editing software industry hired Clix Marketing to manage their pay-per-click campaigns. The objectives of this campaign were to increase overall traffic to the website, increase revenue and product purchases, and enhance the trial-to-transaction close rate. In regards to the trial-to-transaction, the core conversion action for the PPC campaign was to generate free product trials/downloads which eventually turn into software purchases.

Analysis comparing first five months of 2011 (Jan-May) to the second five months (June-Oct):

  • 13% impression increase
  • 138% click increase
  • 51% revenue increase
  • 46% transaction increase
  • 49% increase of trial to transaction

High-level tactics employed to achieve these results included:

  • Brand keyword expansion: This company has a strong brand presence but it was under-utilized within their PPC campaign. Clix Marketing helped to established stronger brand awareness within the search engines.
  • Competitor campaign optimization: There are only a few main competitors for this client. Clix Marketing analyzed the competitor’s advertisements in order to make our client’s ads moreunique and singular.
  • Geographic targeting isolation: Clix Marketing optimized geographic locations around the
    world. There were locations with varied ROI success, and Clix Marketing helped to accentuate the positive.
  • Targeted device segmentation: Upon inheriting the campaigns, Clix Marketing separated the various devices available for ad distribution. Clix Marketing segmented PCs/laptops from smart phones and tablets.
  • Google Display Network optimization and expansion: Clix Marketing optimized the pre-existing GDN campaigns by removing under-performing sites, launching new ad texts, and restructuring ad groups. Also, Clix Marketing aggressively expanded the campaign’s reach on the GDN by launching new, targeted campaigns.
  • Keyword list expansion: Clix Marketing conducted thorough keyword research in order to increase the total number of keywords within each campaign.
  • Ad testing optimization: Clix Marketing paused weak ad variations and launched new tests. The objective of these regular split tests was to increase click-through rate, conversion rate and Quality Score.
  • Conversion optimization testing: Clix Marketing provided suggests and insights to the client on how they may improve the conversion rate on the website.

Client Statistics: