Clix Marketing Case Study – Client C 

Strategy Summary

In Q4 2010 Clix Marketing was engaged by a fledgling brand launching a new form of online conferencing software. The product was set to launch in Q1 2011 and they hired Clix Marketing to ramp up brand awareness and generate free product trials. The objectives of this campaign were to increase overall traffic to the website, heighten brand awareness, and increase software free trials while decreasing overall cost-per-acquisition. The core conversion action for this campaign was lead generation: influencing users to initiate a free product trial with the final objective that these in-trial users would become paying customers.

Analysis comparing Q1 2011 (Feb-April) to Q3 2011 (Aug-Oct):

  • 310% free trial increase
  • 53% cost-per-acquisition decrease
  • 151% conversion rate increase
  • 3% click increase
  • 106% click-through increase

High-level tactics employed to achieve these results included:

  • Competitive landscape analysis: Since this was a new campaign and product, Clix Marketing helped the client conduct an analysis of other online conferencing software solutions currently on the market. Clix Marketing worked closely with the client to develop messaging that was unique within this vertical and provided value to our B2B target audience.
  • Initial campaign build-out: After conducting the initial competitive analysis, Clix Marketing created a campaign structure that would deliver positive results quickly. Also, the campaign was structured so that ongoing optimization would be fast and effective.
  • Continuous performance optimization: As this new campaign matured, Clix Marketing adjusted the keyword list, ad messaging, and every other aspect of the account in order to improve performance throughout the year.
  • Conversion optimization testing: One of the most important elements of any B2B campaign is the landing page. Clix Marketing worked with the client to implement split tests on the landing page in order to enhance conversion rate and lower CPA.
  • Aggressive ad testing optimization: Clix Marketing paused weak ad variations and launched new tests. The objective of these regular split tests was to increase click-through rate, conversion rate and Quality Score.
  • Remarketing implementation: Clix Marketing launched a new remarketing campaign that targeted website users who did not sign up for a free trial. The objective of this campaign was to re-gain that user’s attention and inspire them to return and take action.

Client Statistics: