Product Feed Optimization 

Product feed optimization has been around for a long time. E-commerce companies have known for a longer time the power of comparison shopping search engines. However, the online shopping experience has been evolving. The main source of this evolution is Google shopping. Google has been purposefully altering search engine results pages (serps) to highlight products. Clix can help your ecommerce business take full advantage of this strategic shift.

With product-listing ads (plas) you can display your products directly on the serps of Google. However, as with any sem effort, the devil is in the details. Clix can help you deliver the right product to the right person at the right time. Our advanced methods of Google shopping optimization will help increase revenue and boost your ROI.

What you can expect when Clix manages your Google shopping campaigns:

Google Merchant Analysis: Before optimizing for improved results, we’ll check under the hood to make sure your product feed is properly formatted with all of the necessary information.
Campaign Creation: Within Adwords, the Clix team will create relevant, robust campaigns that will get your products placed on Google shopping.
Ongoing Optimization: Clix focuses on campaign expansion and refinement. Our objective is to provide the highest amount of revenue with the lowest possible cost.