Paid Search 

Paid search advertising is growing rapidly. New advertisers are constantly entering the market place and existing advertisers are increasing their budgets. As a result, paid search advertising becomes more competitive and generating awesome results gets more difficult.
Clix has the passion, drive, and expertise to reinvigorate your PPC campaign. We bring innovation and creativity to your account every single day. The Clix team has the drive to surpass your goals every month and help grow your business. With Clix you gain years of expert industry experience, which will help optimize your campaigns and significantly boost your bottom line.

What you can expect when Clix manages your PPC campaigns:

Awesome Results: Clix will improve your ROI quickly and continuously throughout the engagement.
Outstanding Service: Outstanding service from every team member every day. We are here to answer any question at any time. You should expect constant communication from our team.
Relentless Innovation: Constant new ideas brought to your campaign. Paid search advertising changes all the time. Clix brings industry-leading creativity and invention to your campaign.

Your clients rely on you for overall marketing needs. Provide that guidance without the distraction of staying on top of a rapidly-changing niche. You're able to serve as a one-stop-shop for your clients, without the steep learning curve.

Clix has developed a winning methodology for building and optimizing paid search advertising campaigns. This process is a continuous, iterative process that involves constant experimentation leading to steady improvement in results. Perfect for companies who want to sustain profitable growth.

When we manage your paid search advertising campaign, we will:

Understand your company

We will learn what makes your company tick - your products and services, your short-term and long-term business objectives, and your past and present marketing and advertising activities.

Understand your customers

We'll lead you through an exercise that describes your customers not just as a homogenous group with one shared set of characteristics, but as distinct subsets, each with a somewhat different set of attributes, buying behaviors, etc. This will help us determine the keywords and emotional triggers unique to each subset.

Understand your competition

We will put your competition under a microscope and find out what keywords they're using, what ads they're running - whatever it takes to make sure your campaign outperforms theirs.

Build powerful keyword lists

Using proprietary keyword research tools, we will build targeted lists of thousands of keywords - many of which have been completely ignored by your competition.

Build intelligent campaign structure

In campaigns that span tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of keywords, creating a large number of meaningful ad groups is crucially important. We will build out your campaign to enable us to tightly associate your keywords with the best-performing, closely associated ad copy.

Write, test and refine killer ads

With extremely limited space, effective PPC ad copy makes or breaks your campaign, no matter how "on-the-mark" your keywords. We've written thousands of successful PPC ads, and we'll tailor ones for your campaign that garner better results than your competitors. then we'll test continually to find variations that steadily improve click-through-rate and ROI.

Test and refine landing page content

We'll work with you to make changes to your landing pages that, while usually minor, tie the content more closely to top-performing keywords and ad copy - continually improving your conversion rates and ROI. We use sophisticated multivariate analysis tools to pick the right combination of words and design elements.

Lather, rinse, repeat

We'll monitor, test and improve your campaigns as often as several times per day. While we use sophisticated bid management software to keep bid cost under control and help meet ROI goals, you'll always have an expert human account manager to monitor your campaign and answer your questions.

Clix requires (almost) no supervision.

We provide all of the necessary ingredients for a successful campaign; overall PPC strategy, keyword research, campaign management, bidding and creative optimization, reporting & analysis, multivariate testing, etc. You can stay as involved as you want - or put us on cruise control.