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Paid search advertising is growing rapidly. New advertisers are constantly entering the market place and existing advertisers are increasing their budgets. As a result, paid search advertising becomes more competitive and generating awesome results gets more difficult.

Learn how Clix brings innovation and creativity to reinvigorate your ppc campaign:
Social media is becoming an increasingly important element of marketing plans. Many companies approach Clix to generate the best results from their social media advertising. Clix finds the right audience for your social media ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. We provide great results from these networks as well as gain cross-channel attribution insights in order to achieve a true understanding of your social media roi.

What you can expect when Clix manages your social media campaigns:
Clix can take your campaigns beyond traditional search marketing channels. Display (banner) ad campaigns can reach your target when they are reading content that is relevant to your product or service. We have found that for many of our clients, display campaigns can significantly boost overall volume while achieving specific roi goals. For some of our clients display campaigns perform better than search!

What you can expect when Clix manages your display advertising:
Without a thorough conversion rate optimization plan, performance from any channel will be limited – or even suffer. The Clix team provides innovative strategies to improve conversion rates on your landing pages and website.
We will help you aggressively improve the conversion rate and the roi of your paid search advertising campaigns.

What you can expect when Clix manages your conversion optimization strategies:
Product feed optimization has been around for a long time. Ecommerce companies have known for a longer time the power of comparison shopping search engines. However, the online shopping experience has been evolving. The main source of this evolution is Google shopping. Google has been purposefully altering search engine results pages (serps) to highlight products. Clix can help your Ecommerce business take full advantage of this strategic shift.

What you can expect when Clix manages your Google shopping campaigns:
Clix campaign management is available as a white label service. Agencies count on Clix to produce exceptional results for clients. Agencies shine because they can provide one stop shopping.

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