Social Media 

Social media is becoming an increasingly important element of marketing plans. Many companies that have approached Clix want to generate the best results from their social media advertising endeavors. Clix finds the right audience for your social media ads on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. We provide great results from these networks as well as gain cross-channel attribution insights in order to achieve a true understanding of your social media roi.

Clix brings years of experience managing profitable social media advertising campaigns.

What you can expect when Clix manages your social media campaigns:

Audience Development: Extensive audience research and creation. Clix works side-by-side with your team to produce relevant, targeted audiences for your campaign.

Outstanding Ads: Awesome creative for Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter. One of the most important elements of social media advertising the actual ad copy. The Clix team brings years of experience writing amazing ads.

Reliable Tracking: Establish a robust tracking program to determine real ROI. Many social media campaigns are plagued with improper tracking. Before one dollar is spent on ads, Clix ensures that all tracking has been established.

Cross-Channel Attribution: Understand the direct and attributable revenue of your social media ad spend. Clix understands how social media fits into the overall awareness and purchase cycle. Our team will ensure that you have a clear picture of how Facebook or any other social media is influencing your core audience.